Be the Change: A Tribute to Delhi gang rape victim

A Letter of Tribute to Delhi gang rape victim


Dear girl,

I didn’t know you. What happened with you is horrifying, painful and brings tears in my eyes. It’s shameful for each one of us because we all are responsible for your situation. Government failed to provide robust laws, police failed to secure you, media failed to cover you and our society failed to respect you.

We live in a society where men tease women, objectify them for fun and pleasure… where women are not important enough for generating votes for politicians… where women can’t complaint in police stations… where women with short clothes are considered to be available… where  women in offices are considered an exciting opportunity… where some men have become worse than animals… where women have no right to be free and safe. No body dared to discuss this seriously  before your incident. Now a lot is being debated about all these issues ranging from how we can protect and safeguard women by bringing reforms in society, judiciary, etc. to changing mindset. This happened all because of you. You were brave, you wanted to live. I want to tell you your life hasn’t gone in vain.

I apologize that I could not join the protest for your justice nor I could change FB profile pic with a black dot for sympathy. Rather than changing profile pic why can’t society change it’s mindset? Why can’t men really respect women rather than changing status? Why is that they say a lot but themselves don’t follow? Why is that boys are talking about respecting women and on other hand searching for the hottest entertaining girl for new year’s eve? Why is that men are reading articles about sexual assaults and in public places they are scanning women from top to bottom? Why can’t college boys stop discussing whether a girl is virgin or available for drinks/dates? Why can’t a group of men stop staring a girl passing nearby? Why can’t men realize that women have hearts and feelings? Women are delicate & precious and need our love, care and support. They are not to be betrayed, dumped or used.  How much more time will men require to change this mindset? I wish rather than shouting slogans or posting on walls if men could adopt self-control and self-realization you would have felt much better. But I promise you I’ll try my best to spread this message among my friends. Please accept this a token of respect and support.

Still I don’t know you. But you are an inspiration for women. You are a lesson for men. You are a motivation for revolution. You are message that will never be lost. You will live forever…

May your soul RIP…



Dedicated to my F.R.I.E.N.D.S.


It’s 12.12.12 – A unique date in the history. Something you feel lucky to be a part of. Everyone is busy in making this memorable. Couples are making passionate love, people purchasing costly items, girls are going out for extra-ordinary shopping, babies inside mothers’ womb trying their best to come out (so that people could easily remember their birthdays), those in love getting married.. people across the globe are going crazier. So am I but I don’t have a girl friend to make love nor something special to buy. But I do have some sparkling memories and experiences to share.

For me 2012 was a surprise, unexpected and unimaginable. Some unknown people came in my life and like aliens conquered me with their magic and friendship. They loved me… cared for me… some times made me laugh… other times made me cry. Like a kid they taught me how to eat, how to play and most important how to live. Now, they are my family. They are my mentors. They are my love. They are my F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Now, it’s numerology or a coincidence. My friends and my life is defined by 12.12.12 = 3+3+3 = 9 Friends (or what I call 9 lives). And they are:



Ohhh… wait let me start height-wise 😛

Sonali: A cute little girl who was known yet unknown. Studied in same school but never talked. Met in Infosys, I guess we were destined to meet. For me she’s a cute, little, simple kid and one of the nicest friends. She is the one who is responsible for everything good and bad. Introduced me to her alien gang who is also now my gang 😀

Surbhi: Well well… what to say about her. A tasty food dish is impossible without spices and flavors. She’s the one who adds spices to my life. The girl who always lifts up the mood, a party freak and the most fun-loving alien of our gang. But sometimes she adds too much spices in food 😛

Mehak: Wese to ye rishte mein colleague hai but hai best friend. She is the one with me since Mysore training, accidentally or what, don’t know. This colleague-cum-friend alien is one who is always there with me in Infosys. She is like a sister to me.. who guides me.. who knows me. She’s the one who taught me to be happy no matter what.

Prateek: Initially, a strange looking guy who is gentle and simple. The one that glues the our alien gang. Soon to be a roomie. (Will add more stuff to this section)

Sarita: Unfortunately, a transferred friend who is miles far yet so near. Someone who stays in touch and will always there whenever I need her. A very simple and caring alien friend.

Varsha: It’s hard to imagine without being a girl friend or family member someone could love you and understand you like no one else. She is one of the most lively friend I ever had. The one who knows what fun is and what friendship is.

(Now, its becoming hard to judge your heights.. next three are almost equal.)

Sumit: It’s really hard to find a true and sincere friend among boys but this guy won’t let you down. Frank, open and truly an amazing friend who taught me how to enjoy the world cuisines. One thing is for sure he must be unique, because it’s very hard for boys to get in my best friend list.

Sumedha: A granny, a mom, a wife, a sister, a girlfriend, a best friend… she summaries all the relationships that I could share. She is the one who scolds me, appreciates me and most of the time pull my legs. A person that I always wish to have in all my generations. I share the most unique bond with this cute cartoon 😀

Pallavi: If she reads, she surely would be surprise to find her name here as we are not close buddies yet. But I wish I could tell her why she is so special for me. Like a cherry on a cake, she is cute, adorable and innocent with a sweet lovely smile… (I want to write more.. but darr lagta hai kahin naraaz na ho jaye.. else I would have written a book on her 😛 )

Until, they all came in my life I had not experienced true friendship. Now, I know the real meaning of friendship and why it’s even better and eternal than love life. It’s beautiful. It’s amazing.

Today, I want to tell the world, these aliens are now my biggest strength and one of the weakness of my life. I feel incomplete in their absence. Each one of them holds a special place in my heart. I wish we always stay together no matter where ever we are. I will love you forever. I am glad that I was alive on earth on 12.12.12 and was with 9 priceless jewels of my life !!