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The Day we Realize

The Day we Realize

Someone has rightly said to learn something you got to be like a kid.

Should everything becomes the same,
this world will become such a boring game.

Kids with Blocks

The playing hall was filled with the sounds of ‘Big-Bang-Bhadam-Thak….’ Playing blocks being thrown all over. A notorious kid was enjoying his time. He didn’t even started making with blocks, while other kids were busy. He was in his own melody. Twice he had been scolded by his teacher for his act, but he continued.

I took my eyes onto other kid, who was deeply involved with his self-made structure.  It had been made with great skills. Suddenly, he was interrupted by a little girl who had a yellow coloured block in her hand. She tried to put it on his structure but the boy immediately stopped him. I could hear his voice,’Uammmmm…Mam…Mam’. The girl ran away and he resumed his construction with his own block. The boy and the girl had something different in mind. It doesn’t mean that boy was angry or hated the girl, but each had something different to implement.

Next, I saw a boy and a cute-little girl with their blocks near the room wall. I went near them, both of them were discussing the place where the round block was to be kept. Soon they agreed upon and placed it there on the structure. They both enjoyed others company and trusted each other. They had built a lovely little house…

At a little distance, I saw this boy, who was trying to replicate their structure but with limited success. It wasn’t that he was unskilled to make his own house; it was just that he could see that their house was good, and he thought it better to copy their design. He wasn’t willing to use his own imagination to create something original. Little did he know that copying was rather more difficult than being original !!

I walked to the adjoining hall; it had its own aesthetic. The three boys were sitting busy talking and had their own style. They had already finished with their construction. While all other kids were friendly with their toys, there were some boys who were totally opposite. They threw the blocks, rubbed them, stepped on, some were even broken into pieces….the remaining ones were scattered all over. For them, the blocks were just a means of having fun, and they have devised their own method of using it.

Then, I came across a quiet and innocent boy who was making a long structure. He had done it in an organized and artistic manner. He kept his belongings safe and was gentle. It reminded me of my days in junior classes. Few other kids approached him for his blocks but he refused them. He gave those blocks only to only two other boys. It surprised me. Then, I went to those two kids and got my answer. They too kept those blocks with care, had similar behavior as that of the quiet boy. This was probably because they all wanted to have their things to be cared for. It doesn’t mean they didn’t want to help, but they demanded the same concern with which they themselves took care of their blocks.

Being different is not perplexity, rather it is one’s identity.

The day we realize….

…the place we live in, work, study as a play school with people as other kids and things we deal as playing blocks. We would get solutions to all our problems.

…learn how to read moods and respond effectively

‘The greatness of life is not to find what is common but what is unique.
And then respecting that uniqueness.’

…each one of us differs in emotions, sensitiveness, and skills. Some of us get mixed up too fast…some take time. Some of us can work alone….some can’t. One may require more trust…while other might require more support…. One may get emotionally attached to his/her things…other may just forget. Some might feel comfortable in sharing…others may not. One may love creativity…other might not.

…without a clear awareness of our differences, we do not take time to understand and respect each other. We become demanding, resentful, and judgmental and intolerant. The seeds of anger and hatred start growing. The resentments build. Communication breaks down. Mistrust increases. Rejection and repression follows. The magic of relationship (friendship, love, business) is lost.

‘When we are able to respect and accept our differences,
the life has a chance to blossom forever.’

The day we validate others feeling and behavior, understand & accept what others need…creative solutions can be discovered whereby we can succeed in getting what we want. We can learn how to best love and support the people we care about….we are going to have the best of the relationship, the best of friendship, the best of love and the best of success !!

Written By: Ankit Gogia


Its the answer to all your problems of love, friendship, business. I hope you understand this and adopt it in your real life. Wishing you Good Luck !!

Spread this message to all your near dear ones and even your enemies or someone you hate. Share it.

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