Monthly Archives: June 2010

A Serendipitous Journey

The most memorable part of a my first international tour.

1. Laughing Pain : A pain that started as the announcement of landing started. It started with right ear, later reached the left one. There was some problem with ear pressure, what I thought of it initially. Somehow  I manged to tolerate and hoped to get out of the flight asap. Finally, got some relief after the doors of plane opened.

While deboarding I asked the flight captain on how to get it cured. He replied but due to both ears being closed I wasn’t able to hear. The only thing I could notice was a smile from an air hostess standing besides him, waving the passengers, who suddenly glanced me with a surprising action.

I asked the captain to repeat. He replied,’You need a kiss from a girl’…. I said, ‘pardon sir…’. He again said. It can be cured by having  a kiss from a girl. I told him that next time i would take care of it. The air hostess laughed as if she was told to kiss me. I wouldn’t have mind it though. Then, she offered me a glass of orange juice and the captain told me some ways to get it right. I left the plane, wondering about the kiss…