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Dear Diary

The lost rhythm

Dear Diary,

I wonder what I had been missing for a long time. At nights, on bed I try to find out but each day I end up with nothing.  But yesterday, I was introduced to what I forgot. It’s you friend. The last time we met was when I was in school studying in 8th or 9th (I don’t remember). Our interaction started because of English subject that demanded regular chatting with you. We used to talk twice or thrice a week. Though it was a nine days’ wonder, soon we became best friends. But with passing time, our contact became weaker. I regret missing that period. Meeting you after a long time span is heyday for me. We both have grown older a bit. I am glad to see you hale and hearty. And I must say, you have turned into a style icon with style and slim looks, beautiful pages to write on… Your family and new born children are thrilling the world and youth are finding them more alluring. Your new forms(family) i.e social networking mainly ‘Facebook’ is being loved by everyone and your little technical daughter ‘Twitter’ is so popular among people(better to call them tweeples) that they don’t sleep or eat without tweet, brushing in morning is no more the first thing after getting up, businesses are thriving on it, crazy ones have gone more crazier. It has become a part of my lifestyle too. From toddlers to stylish and modern teens to star icons, Facebook is new magical world, a modern diary for them. It is sad that people(including me) have forgotten you, pages have been replaced by walls, messages by tweets. Yet there are many who still admire you and will always in future too. For them your charisma is unforgettable.

The love and simplicity that you create will never die. Earlier we used to talk about our daily activities, friends, my school days, teachers, joys and sorrows, hopes and dreams, numerous anecdotes. That was a wonderful time. Even today I feel excited to tell you about the changes in my life, about academics, my new friends, bad and worse times, surprises and achievements, story of proxies and bunking classes, my private matters (on which I trust you to keep them secrets), my crushes and how I met my first love and everything changed since then. But something abstain me to do so… hectic schedule, project work and exam preparations, time spent on facebook and sms. I know you are curious to know about me as I am to know about you. What I have been telling you daily from past one month, must have left you bored, as I am. But what to do, I am bound by the new rules of current semester, making daily diary on project work. Listing daily tasks and its brief explanation has left me haunted too. Writing these boring stuffs might have left your lively pages snoring and yawning. Even I too don’t like discussing with you the creepiest research paper I read or weekly reports made or state the progress of the final year project or how I spent 6 hours in computer lab. I am sorry that I am filling your pages writing down task scheduled/completed, algorithms that even I am not going to use ever, the processes and models which I don’t have faith in, GSM architecture, etc rather that telling you what all gossips I had with my close friends. I feel you realise my helplessness and espouse me because without you I can’t get good results (grade). But I promise you to give a rain check very soon, where in we will have clandestine chats and discussing everything from friends to foes, aspirations to reality, ins and outs, messages and next time we meet that will be more garrulous and I would love to introduce you to my love (be prepared she is difficult to handle), it’s gonna be very soon.

Thanks a lot friend for standing by me in my weal and woe. Our next chat will make you drool and will be hot like a supermodel. Till then take care of yourself. Have a good time enjoying, partying and tweeting…

Goodnite  !!

Your loving friend,


Friends introduce yourselves to my diary… She’s curious to know you all. Post your comments and feedbacks !!

CWG 2010: We are ready

CWG 2010: We are ready

Recently, I visited Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium; one of the venues of CWG 2010 New Delhi. What I saw made me dumbfound… Newly constructed stadia are not just world-class but true engineering marvels. With latest technology, new designs, soothing ambience… they all are set for one of the biggest sporting action.

Cycling Velodrome which has been built in a record time of just 17 months is sommething I had never seen before. And the Gymnastic Stadium will leave you with no doubts about the status of stadiums… Here are few pics which I took on 1st September, 2010.

Welcome to CWG 2010, New Delhi !!

Cycling Velodrome, New Delhi

Cycling Velodrome, New Delhi

Gymnastic Stadium, New Delhi

Gymnastic Stadium, New Delhi