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The Wall Street

The Wall Street

A mega collage on a wall with an area of 29700 cm sq made in just 3 months

Newspapers used – The Times of India, The Hindu, The Economic Times


Get ready to drive your way through the Street…

U r gonna love the Straight View, find surprises in the Sky View and enjoy the Sea View !!


Sections –

1. What The World Is Reading -> Global, Tech Tonic, Music, Cinema, Sports, Relationships, Travel, Books …

2. Times Life -> Soul Curry, O-Zone, God & I, Body Basics, Life …


|<|———- What The World Is Reading ———-|>|


Straight View


Left View


Right View


Corner View



|^|———- Times Life ———-|^|

You Gonna Love It


Sky View


Sea View


This is what I did whenever I used to get bored in Semester 7 in my hostel room at the campus. Cutting some catchy clippings and pictures from newspapers and turning them into a collage 🙂