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What to do in office bus ?

What to do in office bus ?

Have you ever thought what all amazing and weird things people do while travelling by office(Infosys) bus? Here are few of them:

First and the most common one, what I call it ‘Plug n Play’. Most of the guys & gals just plug in their earphones to enjoy the FM channels or their personal playlist. This is also the one of the best ways to stay away from noise (especially that of khatara buses).

Be a ‘Bookworm’ – these category of people can be found reading books, novels, newspapers, etc. whether it’s early morning or late evening, they keep their eyes stuck on the endless pages of their books (mostly fiction and motivation types). Sincere advice to such people, please take care of your eyes.

Next we have,‘Sleeping Beauties’. These are the people if they get seat they would go into a deep sleep and won’t wake up till they reach their destination or they have some horrifying dream. Till date I haven’t understood how such people wake up exactly few seconds before reaching to their destination. How they get such exact precision? Are they fitted with in-built alarm clock or what? It’s a hot topic of research. To add on, once I had a chance to sit beside a sleeping beauty and she looked so pretty and cute. Wish I could see her again..

Moving further, we have the ‘M-class’. It includes employees ending with ‘M’ – PM, SPM, DM. Like a UFO, you will rarely see them in bus because they have their own cars and bikes. Typical characteristics of this class are – working on laptop, making endless calls, talking to clients, more aged and mostly married. If by chance you sit near them, don’t ever try to poke in their laptops, else you will be murdered on the spot.

Then we have ‘Gangsters’ who are generally in a group of 3-4. They would discuss everything they could possibly imagine, eating chips and chocolates without realizing that someone might not able to control his/her temptation. Gangsters are the loudest in the bus. But if the gangsters are females you must find another seat.

Then we have a wonderful species popularly known as ‘Love Birds’. They are the people for whom talking to their loved ones is priority. Most of these prefer to sit on window side of bus, so that they can talk all private matters without letting their neighbors hear anything. I feel company should identify this specie and make proper use for support, client calls, etc. Company could even save a huge cost spent for training BPO employees.

All the fun and excitement is missed if I don’t mention this category. Exclusive for women, I named it ‘Ready’. It’s my favorite. This includes the girls who are too conscious about their looks, dressing, and style. They often carry a mini portable make-up kit that can be used in bus. I am not sure but it includes lip gloss, eye liners, comb, etc. I have seen and observed (mostly in morning) they use all these tools once the bus is about to reach the office. Some of the girls even try to imagine bus windows as mirrors; I wonder how smart they are.

Now, it’s the time for unveiling the last and most interesting thing to do in the office bus. It’s weird but best. It’s exciting yet sometimes boring. But I love it. It’s uncategorized and undefined. It’s for people like me who can’t sleep in bus or even a read a book or talk endlessly. It’s just enjoying and observing the people around, smiling on their actions… sometimes listening to music… sometimes just gazing out of window… sometimes eating chocolates… sometimes giving a smile to strangers and getting a strange mysterious look in return. And finally when you reach the destination, telling the world what people do in office bus 😛