Be the Change: A Tribute to Delhi gang rape victim

A Letter of Tribute to Delhi gang rape victim


Dear girl,

I didn’t know you. What happened with you is horrifying, painful and brings tears in my eyes. It’s shameful for each one of us because we all are responsible for your situation. Government failed to provide robust laws, police failed to secure you, media failed to cover you and our society failed to respect you.

We live in a society where men tease women, objectify them for fun and pleasure… where women are not important enough for generating votes for politicians… where women can’t complaint in police stations… where women with short clothes are considered to be available… where  women in offices are considered an exciting opportunity… where some men have become worse than animals… where women have no right to be free and safe. No body dared to discuss this seriously  before your incident. Now a lot is being debated about all these issues ranging from how we can protect and safeguard women by bringing reforms in society, judiciary, etc. to changing mindset. This happened all because of you. You were brave, you wanted to live. I want to tell you your life hasn’t gone in vain.

I apologize that I could not join the protest for your justice nor I could change FB profile pic with a black dot for sympathy. Rather than changing profile pic why can’t society change it’s mindset? Why can’t men really respect women rather than changing status? Why is that they say a lot but themselves don’t follow? Why is that boys are talking about respecting women and on other hand searching for the hottest entertaining girl for new year’s eve? Why is that men are reading articles about sexual assaults and in public places they are scanning women from top to bottom? Why can’t college boys stop discussing whether a girl is virgin or available for drinks/dates? Why can’t a group of men stop staring a girl passing nearby? Why can’t men realize that women have hearts and feelings? Women are delicate & precious and need our love, care and support. They are not to be betrayed, dumped or used.  How much more time will men require to change this mindset? I wish rather than shouting slogans or posting on walls if men could adopt self-control and self-realization you would have felt much better. But I promise you I’ll try my best to spread this message among my friends. Please accept this a token of respect and support.

Still I don’t know you. But you are an inspiration for women. You are a lesson for men. You are a motivation for revolution. You are message that will never be lost. You will live forever…

May your soul RIP…



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2 thoughts on “Be the Change: A Tribute to Delhi gang rape victim

  1. Subhasree December 30, 2012 at 1:33 am Reply

    Well said Ankit! We need people like you to change Indian Men’s mindset.. to feel safe.. to live fearlessly.. Though I doubt if all these blogs/posts/status updates will have any effect on those beasts, but it feels good to still have some men by our side, trying to protect us, raising voice for us!

  2. Varsha January 1, 2013 at 10:46 pm Reply

    Very well expressed, Ankit! The beauty and innocence in your thoughts shine through, brighter than a thousand suns. 🙂

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