About Me

Hello friends,

First of all I would like to thank you for visiting my blog. Some of you must be thinking who’s this person writing all these stuffs, what kinda of personality he has, about his life, education, interests….etc.

Well let me introduce myself. Me Ankit Gogia, 21 yr old chap from New Delhi. I am a quite introvert but a lot more friendlily. I love myself for being creative and believe to do things differently which makes me feel good. And more, I am good at studies but not outstanding. Currently, I am pursuing B Tech in Computer Science Engineering from Jaypee University of Engineering & Technology, MP. I did my schooling from Salwan Public School, New Delhi.

I have a lot of interests in computers, technology, gadgets, psychology…..blah blah….and my hobbies range from painting , sketching, designing, playing chess, TT…..to listening songs, reading novels. I also love to spend some time alone.


Let me also tell you that I am all new to the world of blogging. The idea of blogging came to my mind, a day when I had nothing to do, so I decided to write some stuffs about current hot topics, novels, movies, technology, my designing work…..my personal life, my friends n most important to me…my sweet grlfrnd……..aha….seems interesting…..and a lot more……just check it out.

You might find some of the stuffs as trash but do post your feedbacks and opinions which would help me write much better.

I would also like to thank my cousin sis Namita for editing some of the trash from my writings and turning them into a presentable form.

And ya its nice being your friend, lets share…innovate…learn…entertain…and express ourselves with what I call….       Share-Create-Innovate !!


Ankit Gogia

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