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If It’s Not forever, It’s Not Love !!

If it's Not Forever It's Not Love

Authors: Durjoy Dutta, Nikita Singh

I had waited for long to get this book at my door step but when I got it I was surprised to see the autographs of Durjoy and Nikita. The only reason I wanted to try this book was its title “If it’s not forever, it’s not love”.

If it’s not forever, it’s not love is very light and entertaining book that I have read in recent times. The cute romance and true love of Deb and Avantika will keep you engaged and smiling till the end. There are some amazing moments where Avantika will steal your senses and you will keep on imagining this sweet and spicy girl in your mind.

But the core and touching part of this novel are the pages from the burnt diary of a guy named Ritam who dies in the bomb blast just leaving some incomplete memories. Deb along with Avantika, Shrey and Tiya goes for a road trip hoping that they will do justice to Ritam and his story. In search of Ragini, they journey through Dehradun, Haridwar, Bhopal, Mumbai and Banagalore. Each turn in their journey is beautifully stated and expressed.

Flashback from Ritam’s life will touch your heart and make you realize the importance of conveying your feelings to your loved ones. The best part of this book is its smartly and softly expressed feelings and thoughts that many times are difficult to express.

Although, Deb and Avantika won’t make you feel bored, the amazing chemistry of Shrey and Tiya will add more charm to your face while reading. Despite my all time favorite Avantika, reaching the end of story I was in love with Tiya too 🙂

If you truly love someone, then don’t hesitate to say ‘I love you’ because is it’s not forever, it’s not love.

Revolution 2020

Revolution 2020

Author: Chetan Bhagat

My rating: 3/5

Finally, another Chetan Bhagat novel hits the market. This time it’s stylish, attractive in terms of cover page design, one of the reason that forced me to purchase this book. The next thing was a brief introduction on back cover – ‘Once upon a time, in small town India, there lived two intelligent boys . One wanted to use his intelligence to make money. One wanted to use his intelligence to start a revolution. The problem was, they both loved the same girl.’ Within seconds of reading the last line I grabbed the novel.

The novel begins from a naughty classroom mischief by a 5th class boy named Gopal who ate half of the chocolate cake from tiffin of classmate Aarti. The girl cries, boy is punished, apologizes for eating half cake… soon become the best friends. Another classmate Raghav is their mutual friend. Story goes on…

After 8 years, since Gopal and Aarti became friends. Their bonding grows, mutual attraction.. love type stuffs increases (only love type, not really love). Dating on boat in river Ganga in the holy town of Varanasi, description of evening prayers on ghats, temple rituals adds glory and soft touch to this story.

This is Chetan Bhagat’s novel… how can IIT’s, engineering be skipped. Next few chapters touches upon the race (not Formula 1) to crack IIT and AIEEE exam. Gopal and Raghav, with goal to become engineers get ready for the crazy exams. From coaching to exam, results to second attempts, kota city as a coaching hub.. life during IIT preparation and lot more. I bet, you read this you will have a detailed knowledge of how and where to crack entrance examinations. Some of you might even crack without coaching classes.. the books goes into that much detail. Lol 😀

Gopal fianlly gives up as he is not able to find a good engineering college even after the second attempt. Whereas Raghav cracks the IIT-JEE and lands up in IIT-BHU. Aarti on the other hand wishes to become an air hostess, joins a hospitality course. Now, Raghav and Aarti are much more close to each other than Aarti & Gopal were 😛 Confused.. read on the book. You will get to know why and how ?

Next, the life takes a turn for Gopal, suffering from financial crises and not able to get into a private engineering college, he opens his own college. Raghav, on the other hand, rejects job offer from Infosys and joins Danik newspaper as a passion. I know, this sounds crazy and insane.. for all hows and whys go through the book !!

Overall, ‘Revolution 2020 is a good read. But don’t expect too much. The best part is it shows how a girl can screw your life 😛 what a girl feels, how she changes in just few seconds, her unpredictable nature.. then comes serious stuffs .. corruption.. money..power !!

At the end, you will at least learn how to crack engineering entrance exams and how to deal with girls 😀 For this wonderful teaching, I give credit to Mr. Chetan Bhagat. Last, but most important find out where and with whom is Aarti 🙂

Happy Reading !!

CWG 2010: We are ready

CWG 2010: We are ready

Recently, I visited Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium; one of the venues of CWG 2010 New Delhi. What I saw made me dumbfound… Newly constructed stadia are not just world-class but true engineering marvels. With latest technology, new designs, soothing ambience… they all are set for one of the biggest sporting action.

Cycling Velodrome which has been built in a record time of just 17 months is sommething I had never seen before. And the Gymnastic Stadium will leave you with no doubts about the status of stadiums… Here are few pics which I took on 1st September, 2010.

Welcome to CWG 2010, New Delhi !!

Cycling Velodrome, New Delhi

Cycling Velodrome, New Delhi

Gymnastic Stadium, New Delhi

Gymnastic Stadium, New Delhi

CWG 2010: The Last Lap

The Last Lap

10 Steps to save Commonwealth Games 2010

1. Most important, not to waste time by playing the blame game or seeking immediate responses and reports. This can be done after the games.

2. Private firms can provide support for quick wrap up of construction activities and to clean the city.

3. Holding labour and workers by giving them bonuses on the spot.

4. Creating awareness among people of Delhi and make them feel proud for hosting CWG.

5. Involvement of media, school children & NGo’s to guide people basic etiquettes and soft skills.

6. Involving people to keep city clean and highlight the culture & heritage.

7. Launch special campaigns for auto, taxi, bus drivers and shopkeepers to train them for welcoming visitors.

8. More and massive involvement of actors and sports person in CWG campaigns like Athi Devo Bhava.

9. Make country first, and politics later. Delhites have a much larger role to play, in all fronts. It’s the real time to show love for the country.

10. Let’s make CWG like the festival of Diwali or Christmas. It’s the time, let the celebrations begin 🙂

A mess about ‘Mess’ ?

Separate mess for girls and boys…good or bad  ?

Join the debate...

A twist in our college life...what next to come ?

Education of west…with orthodox lifestyle ?

Everyday most notices keep coming and going….But today’s one was a special one. ‘Girls’ mess to be operational from 2 Nov, 2009′ bringing out smiles on many faces and disregard to what I call other many.

This surprise is known to be one of the biggest change in JIET. From a major section of girls across all the 4 years it is being termed as a ‘good move’ to which they had been anxiously waiting for…like satellite launching countdown.

However, why shouldn’t girls celebrate….after all they won’t have to get up early mornings, take the trouble of walking 300-400 mts, go back….especially in chilly mornings…they could have plenty of rest during lunch hours.

Like the Newton’s third law, to every happiness there is equal and opposite sadness…which truly prevails. Rather I should say a little more sadness for boys community. I think the reason is self-explanatory…need not to be told. 🙂 Though some boys would be much happier than girls….they are those who just want freedom from rules, want to go mess in shorts, chappals….

Lastly, the disheartened ones – those with girlfriends/boyfriends who have their breakfast to dinner together. I don’t know what next have they decided…

Whatever the reactions may be…the big questions is are we really getting irrational towards thoughts. Today, the world is moving… IITs and IIMs adopting new approches, having dormitories where girls and boys can go to each others’ hostels, study together, party together….and we here are moving anti-clockwise….

Every reaction has some questions and every discussion has some answers…so be part of this debate and express your point.

(Note: This is an unofficial discussion just for getting ideas and viewpoints from students)

Moderators : Ankit Gogia & Pratham Malik

The Mystery behind a ‘Proposal’

A mystery that traps each one of us….at some or other time.

But most of the time we don’t have an answer to it.... and it remains as an unsolved Puzzle.

Read on… and try to solve this mystery. Good Luck !!


“Proposal”….did it hit a chord??? I am so sure it definitely did. Come on you are teenagers now don’t tell me you’ve never proposed or been proposed…if you haven’t then I’d suggest you ‘grow up’…

Like thousands of words ‘propose/proposal’ too is an ordinary word, but the feeling that it brings is extraordinary. It’s often heard in context to love, marriages, business deals and what not. It has some kind of importance and mystery behind it which made me to think about it in a detailed manner. The word ‘propose(v)’ according to the oxford dictionary means

1.    Put forward an idea for consideration
2.    Nominate for a post
3.    Make an offer of marriage to someone

At first sight it might seem to be just simple. Here we would be dealing with it from the angle of love/today’s youth.

You all must be having a doubt in mind as to why I am telling you about this. It is important to understand it and the way of dealing with it. Much of my own sweet and bitter experiences and few of my friends helped me to look more into it.

It’s the story of all of us. It’s a story of all that has happened in our life or will happen at later a stage. But we will definitely face it atleast once. Here are some facts from the boy’s point of view.

To start with, whenever we like someone or are fascinated by love (sometimes infatuation), we decide to make a proposal to that special person. We think of various ways to propose ranging from meeting them, calling them….to sending those cards/gifts/roses. This reminds of a beautiful title track from the movie ‘Mera Phela Phela Pyar(MP3)’ which perfectly suits this situation.

Our heart pumps with higher pace and brain loaded with all types of tricky questions and answers. I wonder why this doesn’t happen in our exams or in classes when the teacher is teaching us.

Whenever we are ready for the proposal – a fight starts between our heart and brain. Our heart says – “You like her, you love her, she too loves you, you need her, tell her….ask her”.

But our brain says – “Wait a little, know her more……what if she says NO, what if she doesn’t talk, what if she even goes away from you”. We are in state of dilemma, totally confused.

As soon as our heart wants us ‘to propose her’, this fight begins creating the most mysterious situation in our life yet the most exciting one. During this transition all sorts of unusual things happen – such as not able to concentrate on work, sleepless nights, daydreaming, etc….. she seems to be everywhere.

But our brain is much smarter. It keeps poking our heart with different tricks. This fight only ends second after the proposal has been made. This is the time to wait for an answer. This is the time when excitement and anxiousness is at its peak.

As soon as we get the answer all previous thoughts come to an end.

If the proposal is accepted, the world is ours. We are the happiest one.

And if it gets rejected we get tears and sadness. We don’t wish to talk to anyone and try to seek more justifications for being rejected. Our mind is flooded with many questions and we hate ourselves for making the proposal. Again, this force me tell you a healing song “Tune Jo Na Kaha” from the movie New York.

After this, we are left with only two options.

First, Counter-Proposal (revised proposal) the term I learnt in Legal Issues meaning proposing with modifications in a different manner. We try our best to pursue our loved one.

Second, some magical or super natural thing happens. After few hours/days/months she calls back and feels sorry. She accepts the proposal giving all sorts of convincing reasons like – I was not sure at that time, wanted to be single, had a boyfriend…etc.

If both of these options fail, we totally feel broken many of us even cry if we really felt for them. We start hating the word “proposal” which once used to be our favourite and bring a tremendous smile on our face.

But most of us try to convince ourselves “There would be someone else waiting for me, I just need to look for her”, bringing back hope and excitement.

Here I feel that girls should know what it takes to propose. It is one of the most difficult tasks for boys. They should support us by understanding our feelings, the best way accepting it. 🙂

Sometimes I wonder why B.Tech CSE students, like me study Software Engineering, we should rather be taught Proposal Engineering which would be more practical analysing all the processes and risk, it would be a lot more interesting too.

I however still stand in doubt whether to propose her or not. What reply I will get if I propose her. What if she says no….or should I still enjoy the time with her and watch the smile on her face and decide it later.

As I had mentioned before it’s a struggle, and my heart and mind are on it…still struggling still wondering still anticipating her answer… its a hard choice to be made but i ll wait for my answer…’for my calling'(as they say in supernatural a t.v. serial)… and of course the right time… till then it’s a long wait….

Written By:- Ankit Gogia


I’ ll be waiting for your comments and answers to solve this mystery.

If you like it share it with your friends.


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Slumdog Millionaire – Indian ‘Pride or Shame’ ?

slumdog_millionaire“Jai Ho….” the golden words from the film Slumdog Millionaire is twinkling from the shit-holes of slums in India to the red carpets of Oscars, BAFTA ….and all rags-riches across the globe. ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ – a film directed and scripted by westerns with an Indian soul, is a tale of a young orphan who rides on roller-coasters of poverty & crime, risks all for love and a shot at instant wealth as a TV game show contestant. The story seems to be revolving around a game show….but there’s another story underneath…a true love story.

With its skilled cinematography, rousing songs and a dazzling direction, the film easily swept the prestigious 8 Oscars, famous BAFTA & Golden Globe awards….its awards tally stands at an enviable 108. With a budget of $15 m the film has raked over $163 m in the box office, leaving no doubt to its success. The famous Indian maestro A R Rahman, Gulzar and Resul Pookutty winning Oscars and several Indians as its cast and crew members, the Indian film fraternity has a lot much to celebrate about. It is truly an “Indian Pride”.

Though the film surely deserves all the accolades, there are few aspects that needs to be highlighted. Many people are not getting enough of it as a ‘feel good factor’. Portrayal of developing India as a slum with kids swimming in shit-holes and poverty all around seems to be objectionable. Large section of educated people responded to it as ‘just a film….’ and should be taken as a good entertainer….nothing more.

In fact, it happens to be a film that shows Indian slums and poverty in a most depoliticized manner. It was made with a callow mindset to draw the negative side of India for the pleasure of western audience. The western desperation to think of India so vacuously couldn’t have been much better. It feels great for west to see this side  of India and heartily awards well. Today, they believe India is a land of slumdogs who are turning millionaires by their destiny rather than hard work. That is the power of well made, well marketed film and is the new brand image of India that it has been able to create.

Finally, I would like to say that ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ is like a coin with head and tail as its two faces, which is to be tossed. If it turns out to be head – you see ‘Indian Pride’ and if you get tail – you witness the new image of India i.e. ‘Indian Shame’….

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