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Law of Conservation of Holidays


Holidays can neither be created not destroyed but can change form i.e. can be postponed or preponed under different circumstances.  

– Ankit Gogia

Note: This law is partially applicable to existing national and festive holidays. It excludes emergency services. Only valid for official holidays not personal leaves.


Part 1 – Holidays cannot be created

Statement 1: To avoid inconvenience to participants and reduce traffic on roads all school and colleges are closed due to CWG Delhi 2010.

=> Holidays during 3 Oct 2010 to 14 Oct 2010

But school and colleges are very smarts.

So they have reduced the winter and autumn vacations and made Saturdays working. Many have also kept extra hours to compensate the lost time for studies.

=> Holidays are reduced from  previously scheduled ones and are kept for reason of CWG.

=> No extra holiday was created for CWG. Small amount of hours were collected from other days that make up CWG holidays.

Hence Proved.

Statement 2: It’s too cold today… intense fog with chilly waves. Schools closed.

=> Fun filled day for students… getting up late enjying sleeping in quilts. No school.

=> Studies lost due to closing of schools and working days need to be equated.

So, what to do ????

Simple cut the winter vacations and make it very short.

=> Holidays that was due for winter vacations have been given before in lieu of intense cold wave.

=> No additional holidays was created but it changed form (in terms of date)

Hence Proved

Statement 3: Due to voting in the state all schools, colleges and offices are off.

=> People who were supposed to work and study, have been given time to caste their vote. Though many of them won’t even care to do so.

But, no work was done in offices…organisations suffered loss in terms of money, time, etc —— A

From A, government and organisation decided to cancel a weekend holiday or no. Of holidays allowed.

=> Saturday was declared as working day and many private companies have also reduced the permisible holidays by 1 day.

=> 1 holiday was witnessd on voting day but 1 holiday was also reduced.

=> No. Of holidays did not change.  Change =0

This implies, Holiday changed form. No new holiday was created.

Hence Proved


Part 2 –  Holidays cannot be destroyed

Let, us assume the one of the national holiday.

=> All schools, offices and organisations are closed (except emergency services like police and doctors)

=> No work shall be done. A complete off.

=> Holiday cannot be used for working purpose.

Thus, the holiday cannot be destroyed.

From part 1 and part 2, we proved the law of Conservation of Holidays !!

Mantras of Success

Mantras of Success

Redefining the word ‘Success’. And whatever it takes…

 Does being the richest man in the world or the most famous celebrity finding herself on the cover pages of international magazines or winning the grand slam titles or being a political leader or making millions of people groove on dance floors or living a highly luxurious life or prediction the future of people or adventuring places across the globe; qualify to be called as ‘Success‘. If this question was to be answered, the majority would have said ‘Yes’.

What if that richest man doesn’t get time to relax and celebrate or the celebrity struggling with married life or winning titles bring regular injuries with trophies or the political leader hated by people or the rock star living on drugs or the astrologer misguiding the society or going on holidays without your near and dear ones; would you still cause it a ‘Success’. Still many of you would be with a ‘Yes’. As per the dictionary definition ‘Success is (1) achievement of an aim (2) gaining of wealth or status (3) a successful person or thing‘. This is what we have learnt since our school days and grew believing it. Most people would define success in terms of achieving goals, acquiring wealth, and having prestige, favour, status, and power.

Today, the definition of success has evolved much beyond the contemporary and fascinating words like hard work, discipline, sincerity, honesty, practice and many more. This doesn’t mean these words have no meaning or have become obsolete. It is just that they are the fuels of success but not the machinery that drives it. Like the most alluring car, success not only needs to be well designed and furnished; but to be fitted with the most efficient and powerful engine; to give a comfort and stylish ride to remember. Success is not working throughout the day, burning midnight oil to get into best university or earn in big figures to create a high standard of living.

Life is not just working, rather much beyond which includes health & family, leisure and work, social and economic well being, mental peace and satisfaction, physical and spiritual fitness with growing happiness and positive energy. One who is perfectly able to balance these is the one to be called as ‘Successful‘. For example there is no point of getting a promotion on the day of your breakup. There is no fun in driving a car if your back hurts. Shopping is not enjoyable if your mind is full of tensions.


Whatever it takes

Success has no strict rules or some prescribed set of guidelines & procedures. One needs to keep in mind few simple things and act smartly and swiftly, to decode the success code. So now let’s explore the real world of success and look out for the hidden treasures (what may be termed as mantras).


Time Management

One who learns to master hours is assumed to have reached the midway. Time is the most dynamic and a vital tool of life. It must be properly used. Each minute brings a new turn. One should enjoy every moment in whatever way he/she likes. If you are a student, you have to take out time to study or if you are in a job, you have to spend it with you clients. This doesn’t mean you can’t play or relax. The 24 hours have to be divided into tiny intervals with their corresponding activities. This should be done in a way one feels comfortable with it, making time-tables, notes or diary or just mental maps.

Take care of the minutes and the hours will take care of themselves.

Whatever way you choose, it must be followed. If your schedule includes your office work or studies, then forget the rest of things. Give your 100 percent to it. If you are going out for a dinner, enjoy the moment; don’t think of your clients or homework. To do two things at once is to do neither.

Whenever you are with your wife, don’t think of your girlfriend.

Always try to complete a task as soon as possible, without keeping it for the next day. Try to save time from each task. Do not dawdle by sitting ideal, it will turn out to be detrimental. Not just proper planning of schedules is important, but sorting out the tasks in priority is essential too. Working from morning to night or shopping or watching movies all day is not the approach. Each day you need to give time to work, to your friends, to your mind and body to relax, to your hobbies, to society and most importantly to yourself.


Believe in yourself

This is the second most important factor. Whatever task taken, you must fulfil with confidence and strength. There would be many around you who will be waiting to de motivate and suppress you. But it’s all your hunger to achieve that makes you stay in race. Don’t believe in ‘If others can’t do, I can’t do too’. Rather, one should say, ‘If I can’t do, others cannot do too’.

Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.

Here, I want to share an interesting story. Saina Nehwal, Indian Badminton star, now world ranking no. 2, before going for the Singapore Open 2010; said her dad that she would bring the title home. In next few days, she did what she said; what she believed; stunned the world by winning three consecutive titles. Not only believe or dream but do everything to make it a reality. No dream is too big.

Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.


Positive Energy

Amongst all around, you will notice two kinds of people, the energisers and the enervators. You feel automatically drawn towards the former, while even the thought of latter tires you!! All eyes are drawn towards someone who is full of dynamic ideas and a spirit that strives to do new things, achieve greater heights. These are the people who seem to carry the world forward and most of the time you will find those at the top in all fields are the ones blesses with loads of energy. Remember the way Indira Gandhi walked, with spring in her step? As does most of the world leaders.

When given a project at work, for the required period of time make it your main focus, work up a lot of energy and enthusiasm around it. Involve everybody in the creative force, explore few extra ideas, and consult more people than you need to. Listen a bit more carefully, discuss a little more intensely, and your work gives you back the energy you gave it.

Energise every atom of your body and work like nobody else could have. Spur yourself by throwing self-challenges. Give yourself a force of tornado or the power of a tiger, for every little thing.

One energised person can change the vibes of an entire room. We all run away from enervators, preferring the breath of life an energiser can infuse in the world around.


Stay Ahead

Life is an endless race where people around you are fighting to win it. If you slow down, they will lead you. The competition is tough in every field and it’s going to be tougher and tougher. You cannot afford to relax while you are on the track. Be it any kind of profession you not only need to master the basic concepts but keep yourself update with recent developments. Technological advancements have changed the way we look, the way we talk, and the way we work. We are living in a wire-less world where the best innovation becomes obsolete in few years. Regular learning is inevitable, if you want to survive. Knowing and exploring latest in different areas besides your own; is essential to boost your career.

You need to sense and adjust to the constantly changing environment. A lot of times you need to make changes, from minor to major. Today, technology drives everything; from studies to business, sports to entertainment, health to wealth, relations to emotions. Being well informed and flexible is order of the day. However, it is impossible to master each and every field, and one can’t. But a broad overview is must. One should have cognizance of social, political, economical developments not only around, but across the globe.


Health & Fitness

‘Health is the thing that makes you feel that now is the best time of the year.’

Is it possible to build a tall and stylish building without a strong base? Is it possible for a tree to grow without water and required minerals? Is it possible to drive a car without fuel or energy? Of course, ‘No’. Similarly, our body needs sufficient energy and necessary nutrients to keep us moving all through the day. We must take proper balanced diet to keep our mind and body parts energised. It’s like fuelling our car. The nexus between health and fitness is divine and keeps your body working. Doing some exercises, walking, jogging or playing sports creates a vivacious soul. It’s also important to have sound sleep. Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body; it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.

“To insure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life.”

Health & fitness must be a top priority. Unfortunately, many of us ignore this fact. Generally, we tend to remain in four sided air-conditioned rooms, working on a same place day and night, an artificial environment created by us. But we forget our best friend, the Nature. Breathing fresh air, looking at plants and creatures, listening uncountable sounds, feeling all seasons, adds energy and radiance to our body; make us relax and fresh.

“He who has health, has hope. And he who has hope, has everything.” — Arabian Proverb

What if you fall sick on the most important day of your meeting? What if you feel lethargic at the night you have a ball? So keep it mind that a good state of health and staying fit are the pre-requisite to your life, in turn a robust success.


Think and Innovate

To reach on top, you need to think differently and act differently. Though, this doesn’t mean you break rules of the game to hit a goal, but it’s the style and techniques you choose to make your shot turn into a goal. In whatever profession you are, be it service, business, teaching, sports, entertainment, etc; always try to come with new ideas and go beyond ordinary. This is where the turning point lies, it differentiates you from others.

‘Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.’

– Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc

What if world’s leading tech companies like Apple or Sony, doesn’t come up with new gadgets or technology, would you still buy it? Would it still remain on the top? Absolutely not. Don’t be afraid of change or experimenting. Being eclectic when you innovate extols your skills. Adopt a pragmatic approach to your ideas.

If you don’t innovate, you will die.


Stay Cool & Relaxed

What if you write ‘7+2=5’ or sign a wrong document or mess up with some figures or make sixes and sevens thinking about past or future. This is undesirable. Generally, we tend to make such small silly mistakes and lose our cool. We should stay calm while working and have small breaks to get refresh. This prevents us from entangling into unnecessary worries and tensions. Avoid obnoxious behaviour. Be kind and courteous to your friends and foes. Another most interesting aspect of aiming high is the back-up plan. Be ready with it, it will lessen your worries and might be lucrative at the later stage.

Avoid getting into pressures by peers or friends who always create suspicion and fear in others. Keep an arm’s length from de-motivators. Try you best to keep things on time. Do not keep work for the eleventh hour. Make yourself feel comfortable, if necessary make the environment as per your needs. Listen soft music, or go for your favourite leisure or anything that gives you peace and joy. Create a utopia for yourself. But remember not to get lost in it; you can’t leave your desk for a long time.


High Self Esteem

High ego, frequent anger, giving into peer pressure, indecent behaviour is sign of low self esteem. They not only act as a hurdle to our goals, but make us unacceptable to the society or organisation. First step to achieve a goal is to become a good human being.

Love youself, for if you don’t, how can you expect anybody else to love you.

We should learn to accept and forgive. Anger is not the solution to any problem but root cause to problems. Being good to others who will give no return is part and parcel of the living. One should also avoid carping & criticizing, even false pretentions to get attention. We must avoid contentious arguments and keep at a distance from individuals who are always daunting. Letting haughtiness overrule benign side of our nature will wane us rapidly. Being tolerant, satisfied and turning adversity to opportunity will bolster our goals and lead to a happy living.


Respect Relationships

What we are and what we want to? It is impossible without a moral support, pillars that always keep us rising, make us stronger and give us courage to compete. These pillars are our family and best friends we trust. We must maintain camaraderie with them. It’s always our family that is behind us in our highs and lows. It’s our parents with whom we learn to walk and grow. No one other than them knows us better in this world. None other than them are going to support us when we fall. Friends are the ones who walk with us wherever we go. They know our strengths, weaknesses and secrets. These relationships must be nurtured with trust and understanding.

The love of a family is life’s graeatest blessing.

We must not let our professional life or any work, make these links weak or make a mistake of taking them for granted. Forgetting them when they need us the most or when we are at pinnacle; is the biggest mistake. Relationships must be respected and be maintained with harmony and due attention. Failing to do will not only diminish the glory of success but will destroy us.

In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future.


Believe in Destiny

Believing in destiny doesn’t mean, standing with a bat and waiting for ball; you close your eyes to smash it, hoping for a six. Nor does it mean wearing varied rings and garlands or reading your horoscopes daily in different newspapers. It rather, implies adding the ‘tiny’ part of the word ‘Destiny’ in your life, i.e. giving it a very small credit in your all ups and downs. But don’t let the destiny or some saints or sadhus drive your life. Don’t let destiny control you, bend it in your own way.

Examples of ordinary people who did extraordinary well are in abundance. Lance Edward Armstrong is an American professional road racing cyclist who is best known for winning the Tour de France a record seven consecutive times, after having survived testicular cancer. He is also the founder and chairman of the Lance Armstrong Foundation  for cancer research and support.

It is you, who design your destiny by your ideas and work. Most of us blame our destiny for our failures; ignoring that there might have been an error while designing it. Believing in destiny doesn’t mean that you take a leave from work or just few days before examination go to a holy place, enchanting all matras and take holy dips.

Destiny or what so called LUCK works in your favour if you do your acts to the best of ability you can with full dedication, without the fear of result.

‘Remember God after performing your deeds, but not surrendering your deeds to Him’

Besides, destiny is a force that adds surprises to our world. If everything is known before or happen as we expect, there would be no excitement in life.


Leisure & Fun

Life cannot be always serious and busy. You need to take time to enjoy… take time to play… take time to laugh. Life gets dull and monotonous without fun and excitement. You must enjoy the activities you like, which please you, which comforts you. Be it hanging out with friends or an outing with family or shopping with your girlfriend or going for parties or playing sports or going for an adventurous holiday trip or spending your day reading books, whatever you wish to do ‘Don’t Miss It‘. Give it the required time and attention. Keep separate time for it, don’t mix it with work. Don’t think of any other thing when you are enjoying your leisure time. It acts as a true reward of your achievements.

It is you who make your day. All fun & leisure activities are essential but must not hinder your main professional life. You can’t spend your nights daily in clubs or movie halls unless you work there or shop unnecessarily endlessly, dropping a bundle. There has to be a proper balance in life.

There is no joy of celebrating, without a sincere reason and hardships.


Values & Culture

An individual cannot stand alone without mentioning the society where one grows, the place where one learns, the rich traditions and vibrant culture of the state and people associated with them; and the languages and the vast history around him/her. Well, in context to our country, India; diverse heritage and moral values cannot be ignored. The society, culture and the way of living varies from north to south and west to east. They give us an identity, a brand that makes us different from others. It’s our responsibility to respect and protect them which have been lasting from ages, passing through different civilizations. Exploring and witnessing the diversity makes us proud and energises our senses. The milieu it creates makes us cheerful and active.

Celebrating the true spirit of festivals all around the year keeps us fresh and motivating. They connect us to the society and religions of all kinds. They spread the feeling of love and togetherness. These drive our thinking and beliefs. On the other hand, a long majestic history since thousands years back to the post independence along with great people inspire and teach us at every step. They are our best mentors. This happens nowhere in the world, but India. We should make the best of it as it adds tranquillity to every path we take and makes our journey enjoyable.


The new definition

So how do you achieve success? Well, for one thing, you don’t define it before you achieve it.

To summarise, SUCCESS is integration of the all the above mention points with right proportion and presence of mind. Though very few of us can achieve it, but we can try to get more close to it. Even that sincere attempt can be called as ‘SUCCESS’.

Successful‘ people enjoy the ‘good life‘ – being financially secure, emotionally secure, being surrounded by admirers, and enjoying the fruits of their labour.


Now, to conclude; ‘Success is balancing the every little aspect of life… It’s like a pilot flying a passenger plane with responsibility and accuracy, with skills and delicacy; maintain the balance and height, monitoring distances and fuel levels, controlling the speed and direction, avoiding turbulence during harsh conditions, ready for the unknown, enjoying the flight during clear skies, adhering to the ATC instructions and last but not the least smooth and timely take-offs and landing; getting applaud from passengers when you reach the destination.’

 And you are the pilot of your life… It’s you who has to fly. It’s you who knows the best.

Wish you safe and pleasant journey.

All the best!!

Dear Diary

The lost rhythm

Dear Diary,

I wonder what I had been missing for a long time. At nights, on bed I try to find out but each day I end up with nothing.  But yesterday, I was introduced to what I forgot. It’s you friend. The last time we met was when I was in school studying in 8th or 9th (I don’t remember). Our interaction started because of English subject that demanded regular chatting with you. We used to talk twice or thrice a week. Though it was a nine days’ wonder, soon we became best friends. But with passing time, our contact became weaker. I regret missing that period. Meeting you after a long time span is heyday for me. We both have grown older a bit. I am glad to see you hale and hearty. And I must say, you have turned into a style icon with style and slim looks, beautiful pages to write on… Your family and new born children are thrilling the world and youth are finding them more alluring. Your new forms(family) i.e social networking mainly ‘Facebook’ is being loved by everyone and your little technical daughter ‘Twitter’ is so popular among people(better to call them tweeples) that they don’t sleep or eat without tweet, brushing in morning is no more the first thing after getting up, businesses are thriving on it, crazy ones have gone more crazier. It has become a part of my lifestyle too. From toddlers to stylish and modern teens to star icons, Facebook is new magical world, a modern diary for them. It is sad that people(including me) have forgotten you, pages have been replaced by walls, messages by tweets. Yet there are many who still admire you and will always in future too. For them your charisma is unforgettable.

The love and simplicity that you create will never die. Earlier we used to talk about our daily activities, friends, my school days, teachers, joys and sorrows, hopes and dreams, numerous anecdotes. That was a wonderful time. Even today I feel excited to tell you about the changes in my life, about academics, my new friends, bad and worse times, surprises and achievements, story of proxies and bunking classes, my private matters (on which I trust you to keep them secrets), my crushes and how I met my first love and everything changed since then. But something abstain me to do so… hectic schedule, project work and exam preparations, time spent on facebook and sms. I know you are curious to know about me as I am to know about you. What I have been telling you daily from past one month, must have left you bored, as I am. But what to do, I am bound by the new rules of current semester, making daily diary on project work. Listing daily tasks and its brief explanation has left me haunted too. Writing these boring stuffs might have left your lively pages snoring and yawning. Even I too don’t like discussing with you the creepiest research paper I read or weekly reports made or state the progress of the final year project or how I spent 6 hours in computer lab. I am sorry that I am filling your pages writing down task scheduled/completed, algorithms that even I am not going to use ever, the processes and models which I don’t have faith in, GSM architecture, etc rather that telling you what all gossips I had with my close friends. I feel you realise my helplessness and espouse me because without you I can’t get good results (grade). But I promise you to give a rain check very soon, where in we will have clandestine chats and discussing everything from friends to foes, aspirations to reality, ins and outs, messages and next time we meet that will be more garrulous and I would love to introduce you to my love (be prepared she is difficult to handle), it’s gonna be very soon.

Thanks a lot friend for standing by me in my weal and woe. Our next chat will make you drool and will be hot like a supermodel. Till then take care of yourself. Have a good time enjoying, partying and tweeting…

Goodnite  !!

Your loving friend,


Friends introduce yourselves to my diary… She’s curious to know you all. Post your comments and feedbacks !!