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Law of Conservation of Holidays


Holidays can neither be created not destroyed but can change form i.e. can be postponed or preponed under different circumstances.  

– Ankit Gogia

Note: This law is partially applicable to existing national and festive holidays. It excludes emergency services. Only valid for official holidays not personal leaves.


Part 1 – Holidays cannot be created

Statement 1: To avoid inconvenience to participants and reduce traffic on roads all school and colleges are closed due to CWG Delhi 2010.

=> Holidays during 3 Oct 2010 to 14 Oct 2010

But school and colleges are very smarts.

So they have reduced the winter and autumn vacations and made Saturdays working. Many have also kept extra hours to compensate the lost time for studies.

=> Holidays are reduced from  previously scheduled ones and are kept for reason of CWG.

=> No extra holiday was created for CWG. Small amount of hours were collected from other days that make up CWG holidays.

Hence Proved.

Statement 2: It’s too cold today… intense fog with chilly waves. Schools closed.

=> Fun filled day for students… getting up late enjying sleeping in quilts. No school.

=> Studies lost due to closing of schools and working days need to be equated.

So, what to do ????

Simple cut the winter vacations and make it very short.

=> Holidays that was due for winter vacations have been given before in lieu of intense cold wave.

=> No additional holidays was created but it changed form (in terms of date)

Hence Proved

Statement 3: Due to voting in the state all schools, colleges and offices are off.

=> People who were supposed to work and study, have been given time to caste their vote. Though many of them won’t even care to do so.

But, no work was done in offices…organisations suffered loss in terms of money, time, etc —— A

From A, government and organisation decided to cancel a weekend holiday or no. Of holidays allowed.

=> Saturday was declared as working day and many private companies have also reduced the permisible holidays by 1 day.

=> 1 holiday was witnessd on voting day but 1 holiday was also reduced.

=> No. Of holidays did not change.  Change =0

This implies, Holiday changed form. No new holiday was created.

Hence Proved


Part 2 –  Holidays cannot be destroyed

Let, us assume the one of the national holiday.

=> All schools, offices and organisations are closed (except emergency services like police and doctors)

=> No work shall be done. A complete off.

=> Holiday cannot be used for working purpose.

Thus, the holiday cannot be destroyed.

From part 1 and part 2, we proved the law of Conservation of Holidays !!

CWG 2010: The Last Lap

The Last Lap

10 Steps to save Commonwealth Games 2010

1. Most important, not to waste time by playing the blame game or seeking immediate responses and reports. This can be done after the games.

2. Private firms can provide support for quick wrap up of construction activities and to clean the city.

3. Holding labour and workers by giving them bonuses on the spot.

4. Creating awareness among people of Delhi and make them feel proud for hosting CWG.

5. Involvement of media, school children & NGo’s to guide people basic etiquettes and soft skills.

6. Involving people to keep city clean and highlight the culture & heritage.

7. Launch special campaigns for auto, taxi, bus drivers and shopkeepers to train them for welcoming visitors.

8. More and massive involvement of actors and sports person in CWG campaigns like Athi Devo Bhava.

9. Make country first, and politics later. Delhites have a much larger role to play, in all fronts. It’s the real time to show love for the country.

10. Let’s make CWG like the festival of Diwali or Christmas. It’s the time, let the celebrations begin 🙂