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Girly Whirly – Part 1

Disclaimer : This post is not to malign or target girls as some of you may think. The text in this is also not directed to a specific individual or a group. This article is just for fun and to share some wonderful experience.

Can you imagine some girls are so talented that they can run on treadmill for 15 minutes while talking to their boyfriends simultaneously ? Few of them can even hold phone on one hand and a dumble on other.. though after a count of 10 they switch.

We all know that girls are the most talkative creatures in this world. But do we know how much they love their phones and their calls ? While boarding/deboarding the bus they are so busy in their talks that later they find they are in wrong bus or have got down at wrong stop.

In food courts, while having food, standing in queues, drinking water they are on calls. I don’t understand are they going to miss important meetings or they are gonna have break up if they don’t talk 😛 Few days back, I saw a girl just ahead of me in a queue taking food. She had a handbag, one small clutch, a cell phone in one hand and plate on the other. While taking the food the plate got heavier. In a moment, the small clutch and cell phone were in one of the columns of her plate with daal, curd, chapati and rice. I couldn’t stop my laughter but some how managed to kept it low. She gave me a quick glance and moved quickly because may she realized that there was no place for salad 😛

Are modern girls getting too much tech savvy ? Believe me friends there is no place in this world where girls don’t mix their activities with their talks 😛

In office cubicles, while typing on workstations, while getting coffee, in buses, while crossing roads, while eating, sleeping, writing… girls are getting crazy and crazy. But who cares, these girls are the source of income for mobile operators. Let it go till girls are happy, their callers are happy and most important the people around them watching them get a good time pass and some interesting stuff to write and talk about !!

A mess about ‘Mess’ ?

Separate mess for girls and boys…good or bad  ?

Join the debate...

A twist in our college life...what next to come ?

Education of west…with orthodox lifestyle ?

Everyday most notices keep coming and going….But today’s one was a special one. ‘Girls’ mess to be operational from 2 Nov, 2009′ bringing out smiles on many faces and disregard to what I call other many.

This surprise is known to be one of the biggest change in JIET. From a major section of girls across all the 4 years it is being termed as a ‘good move’ to which they had been anxiously waiting for…like satellite launching countdown.

However, why shouldn’t girls celebrate….after all they won’t have to get up early mornings, take the trouble of walking 300-400 mts, go back….especially in chilly mornings…they could have plenty of rest during lunch hours.

Like the Newton’s third law, to every happiness there is equal and opposite sadness…which truly prevails. Rather I should say a little more sadness for boys community. I think the reason is self-explanatory…need not to be told. 🙂 Though some boys would be much happier than girls….they are those who just want freedom from rules, want to go mess in shorts, chappals….

Lastly, the disheartened ones – those with girlfriends/boyfriends who have their breakfast to dinner together. I don’t know what next have they decided…

Whatever the reactions may be…the big questions is are we really getting irrational towards thoughts. Today, the world is moving… IITs and IIMs adopting new approches, having dormitories where girls and boys can go to each others’ hostels, study together, party together….and we here are moving anti-clockwise….

Every reaction has some questions and every discussion has some answers…so be part of this debate and express your point.

(Note: This is an unofficial discussion just for getting ideas and viewpoints from students)

Moderators : Ankit Gogia & Pratham Malik