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Revolution 2020

Revolution 2020

Author: Chetan Bhagat

My rating: 3/5

Finally, another Chetan Bhagat novel hits the market. This time it’s stylish, attractive in terms of cover page design, one of the reason that forced me to purchase this book. The next thing was a brief introduction on back cover – ‘Once upon a time, in small town India, there lived two intelligent boys . One wanted to use his intelligence to make money. One wanted to use his intelligence to start a revolution. The problem was, they both loved the same girl.’ Within seconds of reading the last line I grabbed the novel.

The novel begins from a naughty classroom mischief by a 5th class boy named Gopal who ate half of the chocolate cake from tiffin of classmate Aarti. The girl cries, boy is punished, apologizes for eating half cake… soon become the best friends. Another classmate Raghav is their mutual friend. Story goes on…

After 8 years, since Gopal and Aarti became friends. Their bonding grows, mutual attraction.. love type stuffs increases (only love type, not really love). Dating on boat in river Ganga in the holy town of Varanasi, description of evening prayers on ghats, temple rituals adds glory and soft touch to this story.

This is Chetan Bhagat’s novel… how can IIT’s, engineering be skipped. Next few chapters touches upon the race (not Formula 1) to crack IIT and AIEEE exam. Gopal and Raghav, with goal to become engineers get ready for the crazy exams. From coaching to exam, results to second attempts, kota city as a coaching hub.. life during IIT preparation and lot more. I bet, you read this you will have a detailed knowledge of how and where to crack entrance examinations. Some of you might even crack without coaching classes.. the books goes into that much detail. Lol 😀

Gopal fianlly gives up as he is not able to find a good engineering college even after the second attempt. Whereas Raghav cracks the IIT-JEE and lands up in IIT-BHU. Aarti on the other hand wishes to become an air hostess, joins a hospitality course. Now, Raghav and Aarti are much more close to each other than Aarti & Gopal were 😛 Confused.. read on the book. You will get to know why and how ?

Next, the life takes a turn for Gopal, suffering from financial crises and not able to get into a private engineering college, he opens his own college. Raghav, on the other hand, rejects job offer from Infosys and joins Danik newspaper as a passion. I know, this sounds crazy and insane.. for all hows and whys go through the book !!

Overall, ‘Revolution 2020 is a good read. But don’t expect too much. The best part is it shows how a girl can screw your life 😛 what a girl feels, how she changes in just few seconds, her unpredictable nature.. then comes serious stuffs .. corruption.. money..power !!

At the end, you will at least learn how to crack engineering entrance exams and how to deal with girls 😀 For this wonderful teaching, I give credit to Mr. Chetan Bhagat. Last, but most important find out where and with whom is Aarti 🙂

Happy Reading !!

SMS Romance

SMS Romance


SMS – Short Messaging Story

It’s a story within chat or a chat within a story ? Find out…

You call it friendship or flirt or romance or whatever…

…it’s a sweet memory that always bring on smile & refresh your senses !!


It was a usual day… tiring n hectic with classes all day. Just after dinner and a walk, was back to room. Got online to check for a mail from a friend… Had nothing to do besides checking facebook status, etc. Soon logged off and went to make black tea… Later, saw a message from a friend(girl) and started replying. We started having chat…with nothing special.

To my surprise the chat turned out to be a romantic story with sweet memory which I would like to share with you all (after my friend’s permission)… The exceptional thing about this chat is that it is exactly in the way it went, without editing. However, at the end, many of you might end up with mixed reactions…but surely girls would favour and support my friend. Yet I hope to get support from some girls besides boys… in a fight who (boys or girls)  are more smart !! 

Just take out few minutes. Relax and enjoy it !!

Grl: -> represents messages sent by my friend

Me: -> represents messages sent by me




Grl: Describe ur dream gal

Me: I ws going to ask u same… My dream grl mst love nt only me bt my parents, caring, smart intelligent n ambitious, sweet n beautiful, naughty n romantic in talks 🙂

Grl: Gud h cul

Me: Ab tu bata ur dream boy

Grl: Um… i m nt much demandin so it wud b sum1 who understands me widout saying nythng n shud b prfct in evrythng bt yet humble to say u do it betr n shud love me mre dan nythng else in dis wrld

Me: Gud yr 🙂 My gal is also lyk that… Our thinking is same 🙂

Grl: Meri cheating lol 😉 …galat bat

Me: Ya may b… Grls smtimes think smarter 🙂

Grl: Wel i askd u b4 n it didnt seem to b same dear… i knw i cary my thots reali wel hehe.. 🙂

Me: Nanana…

Grl: Wel c an example abi abi i askd u d same ques n u went on wid d qualities were as i did evry bit of quality in jst 2 lines…whus smartr

Me: I wrote na ‘smtimes’ 🙂 nw tel who’s smarter

Grl: Sumtimes… !! Beta gals r much much smartr… Wel u guys n ur lil egos 

Me: Arre u knw sm grls even forget to mail aftr a lot of reminders… Kitni irresponsible hoti hein 🙂

Grl: Han han chal na ab taunt na mar i didnt get tim to cum online

Me: Grls kitne sweet excuses deti hein… Boys ko manne padte hein taki wo gussa na ho 🙂

Grl: Lol are sai me 🙂

Me: Phr ladkiyan smile karti hein n sochti hein kitna acha ladka hai… Phir boy hugs her 🙂 n story continues…

Grl: Aye haye

Me: Thn d grl bcomes romantic n laughs 🙂 now d grl is thinking wt to say…

Grl: Nanana gal is thnkin k ye ladka kita flirt kr ra h

Me: Boy thinks ye ladki to smart hai, mughse badi flirtrer hai n ek to mail bhi nahi bhejti or manti bhi nahi…

Grl: Lol yeah rite 🙂

Me: Thn d boy leaves her n keeps looking into her eyes… n realises n grl does the same… it starts raining !!

Grl: N den d gals leav d guy n goes out to dance…hehe

Me: Sudenly d grl slips n falls on mud ;0

Grl: Haw haw haw…gande

Me: The boy supports d crying grl 🙂 n she hugs him…

Grl: Hahaha n den gal says bie i gota go dad is waitin

Me: Boy feels sad n ask her to atleast gv a sweet gud nite wish…

Grl: Gal smiles n cums near n den runs away…

Me: D boy too smiles n asks d grl to continue story tomorrow…

Me: (Grl goes without reply n boy feels he is lucky to get her as a best frnd… Boy too goes thinking to find her in his dreams…)

Me: Grl is in too hurry. At last, boy sends her a gud nite msg with a kiss 🙂 n asks her too sleep wel. Grl wn reads d msg, smiles in front of her dad… n later goes to bed….wt next both think…they go to sleep…

Grl: Lol bie.. gn

To be Continued…


Friends do take out just few more seconds to post a comment.

Share it with others, so that they too can beat the heat !!

Thank You 🙂

Truth of a 9 Pointer

This happens in every college and university…

…irrespective of a branch or stream !!

The first thought that comes to our mind while talking about a ‘9 pointer’ is a studious student, always surrounded by books, books and books. He makes endless notes, tops every exam, one who is always properly dressed with a tidy tie and polished shoes, attends each and every class and sits on the first bench. They have endless queries and questions to ask. One who doesn’t like to play, dance or love…the description goes on. Often, 9 pointers are treated like extra-terrestrials who are here to conquer the earth and destroy the future of many.

Then, the question arises, ‘Who are they? What makes them special? Why are they like that? What do they eat? Why are we not like them?’

They are not aliens. They are just normal people like us who have feelings and emotions.  They belong to the same planet, live in the same century, and eat the same things. They grow in the same environment as we do, they might even be our neighbours. There is just a minute difference between us.

We always expect a ‘9 Pointer ‘ to be the first one to complete every work so that the ‘others’, who are busy in counter strike or AOE, playing basketball,  watching endless movies & seasons could copy their work at the last moment and earn as much marks. They are denied of their due credit. And then if they refuse to share their work, we are the ones to blame them for their unfriendly and rude behaviour.

A ‘9 Pointer’ also needs help and support of others. He/she is not a born genius nor has a brain embedded with high speed Intel processors. If they approach us for any problem, a majority of us say, ‘Are you crazy, 9 pointer tu hai…main nahi’. Others will say, ‘yaar, agar tujhse nahi hua toh mujhse kaise hoga?’ This way we ourselves create a bridge among 5 point someone and 9 point someone.

It’s not only us but teachers too who widen the gap, by giving them extra attention and expecting them to be the topper every time. Usually, the so called ‘9 Pointers’ are favourites in the hearts and minds of the teachers. Most of us feel that it’s due to their ability of buttering; getting the highest level of attention by going to faculty cabins and hypnotising teachers with their clever tactics, but reality is not what we feel or perceive. They are the favourites just because they are a little more obedient and hardworking than others, have little more creativity and mostly because they have memorised and scanned every single topic that the teacher has taught so far and have opinions to offer. Being consistent and disciplined is one of their plus points. So if they fail to answer a question in a viva or any discussions are they failures? I guess not, even the best computers crash, they do generate errors.

Often, we portray ‘9 Pointers’ as geeks, with spectacles who don’t have any X-factor. This might have been right few years back, but not today. Even ‘9 Pointers’ have their own style statement. They have ‘9-X Factor’, 9 times as compared to our X-Factor Though some of them might be little slow in grasping new trends, and they do walk with us. They do have real heart, which beats much faster when near a beautiful girl or a handsome boy. Who says, ‘Pyaar is Impossible’? Like most of us, they too have crushes and break ups. Remember 9 pointers are not nerds.

The main reason they(so called studious aliens) are termed as ‘9 Pointer’ is that God wanted someone to reach close to the perfect 10.0 so that digit ‘9’ is not left unused. Probably, I was among those lucky ones selected to experience it and reveal this real truth. Next one might be you…

The Day we Realize

The Day we Realize

Someone has rightly said to learn something you got to be like a kid.

Should everything becomes the same,
this world will become such a boring game.

Kids with Blocks

The playing hall was filled with the sounds of ‘Big-Bang-Bhadam-Thak….’ Playing blocks being thrown all over. A notorious kid was enjoying his time. He didn’t even started making with blocks, while other kids were busy. He was in his own melody. Twice he had been scolded by his teacher for his act, but he continued.

I took my eyes onto other kid, who was deeply involved with his self-made structure.  It had been made with great skills. Suddenly, he was interrupted by a little girl who had a yellow coloured block in her hand. She tried to put it on his structure but the boy immediately stopped him. I could hear his voice,’Uammmmm…Mam…Mam’. The girl ran away and he resumed his construction with his own block. The boy and the girl had something different in mind. It doesn’t mean that boy was angry or hated the girl, but each had something different to implement.

Next, I saw a boy and a cute-little girl with their blocks near the room wall. I went near them, both of them were discussing the place where the round block was to be kept. Soon they agreed upon and placed it there on the structure. They both enjoyed others company and trusted each other. They had built a lovely little house…

At a little distance, I saw this boy, who was trying to replicate their structure but with limited success. It wasn’t that he was unskilled to make his own house; it was just that he could see that their house was good, and he thought it better to copy their design. He wasn’t willing to use his own imagination to create something original. Little did he know that copying was rather more difficult than being original !!

I walked to the adjoining hall; it had its own aesthetic. The three boys were sitting busy talking and had their own style. They had already finished with their construction. While all other kids were friendly with their toys, there were some boys who were totally opposite. They threw the blocks, rubbed them, stepped on, some were even broken into pieces….the remaining ones were scattered all over. For them, the blocks were just a means of having fun, and they have devised their own method of using it.

Then, I came across a quiet and innocent boy who was making a long structure. He had done it in an organized and artistic manner. He kept his belongings safe and was gentle. It reminded me of my days in junior classes. Few other kids approached him for his blocks but he refused them. He gave those blocks only to only two other boys. It surprised me. Then, I went to those two kids and got my answer. They too kept those blocks with care, had similar behavior as that of the quiet boy. This was probably because they all wanted to have their things to be cared for. It doesn’t mean they didn’t want to help, but they demanded the same concern with which they themselves took care of their blocks.

Being different is not perplexity, rather it is one’s identity.

The day we realize….

…the place we live in, work, study as a play school with people as other kids and things we deal as playing blocks. We would get solutions to all our problems.

…learn how to read moods and respond effectively

‘The greatness of life is not to find what is common but what is unique.
And then respecting that uniqueness.’

…each one of us differs in emotions, sensitiveness, and skills. Some of us get mixed up too fast…some take time. Some of us can work alone….some can’t. One may require more trust…while other might require more support…. One may get emotionally attached to his/her things…other may just forget. Some might feel comfortable in sharing…others may not. One may love creativity…other might not.

…without a clear awareness of our differences, we do not take time to understand and respect each other. We become demanding, resentful, and judgmental and intolerant. The seeds of anger and hatred start growing. The resentments build. Communication breaks down. Mistrust increases. Rejection and repression follows. The magic of relationship (friendship, love, business) is lost.

‘When we are able to respect and accept our differences,
the life has a chance to blossom forever.’

The day we validate others feeling and behavior, understand & accept what others need…creative solutions can be discovered whereby we can succeed in getting what we want. We can learn how to best love and support the people we care about….we are going to have the best of the relationship, the best of friendship, the best of love and the best of success !!

Written By: Ankit Gogia


Its the answer to all your problems of love, friendship, business. I hope you understand this and adopt it in your real life. Wishing you Good Luck !!

Spread this message to all your near dear ones and even your enemies or someone you hate. Share it.

Feel free to give your opinions and suggestions.


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Words to Remember

This is not just an article or an ordinary story.

Beyond fiction, beyond imagination….a true tale of love

combined with a sense of learning happened on a rarest date 09-09-09

Read on…hope you enjoy it !!

Words to Remember

It was a lovely day, a special Wednesday….with a precedent us date (09-09-09). Throughout, the day….in lecture classes I wondered what destiny holds today for me. All day I kept thinking ‘Is it just a date or more than that ? ‘.

It was 5.25 PM. I was in my hostel room, sitting on my bed with a pillow at back. It was raining heavily. Fine sprinkles of water were coming inside which rejuvenated me. It was raining like we rarely get to see. I guessed it was God’s gift to celebrate 09-09-09. It had been more than an hour, I was trying to learn vocabulary Flash Cards but nothing was going into my brain. Though, I learnt a few words but as soon I moved I forgot them. Then I learnt them but this time forgot others….This kept on going.

Soon the clouds thundered loudly, I shivered a bit…Cool n ferocious wind blew all over. More water drops started coming inside. Then…what something Supernatural…..Eureka….Eureka…..urekaaa. “To make these words friends, talk to them, practically use them”. I think a strong wave of thunder and thunder stroked my mind. Still thought whats new in this….everyone says so but don’t know “where…..how…..when….what…” to use.

I gazed out, everything was fresh and green. Trees and grass were shining. It was getting little darker. Suddenly, two birds came inside my balcony seeking shelter. They were chirruping in a melodious tone. They wanted to tell me
something. I wished I could understand their language. I was trying to figure out their language. Few tones sounded
like a mixture of English, Hindi & French sounds…I tried arranging those tones. Sounds ‘A’…’el’….’yen’…’kk’…..’avv’. That was when I understood the language and grammar we use is far easier than those of birds. I tried all possible ways of arranging the sounds, enhancing them….processing them. The result I got left my eyes open and a smile on my face. “AVANTIKA…LOVE”, was what I got. It was another message from nature.

Avantika….my sweet love. I remember, date with Avantika. She bought two sets of flash cards, one for herself and another one for me, probably she wanted her boyfriend(thats of course me) to have a good vocabulary. But for months they were kept safe in my cupboard like a precious gold. Now, she could have helped me in learning these words and I was damn sure she must have learnt at least 50 percent of them.

I picked up my cell phone to call her and ask for help. Then, I stopped and thought it would be embarrassing asking girlfrnd for help. So I decided to write few lines for Avantika and give her a surprise. But mailing would be not be a good option too as she rarely checks her mail. Finally, I decided to message her and tell her how she is special to me. I quickly flipped to 6-7 flash card that I had read till that point of time and using new words I wrote a message. I added different smiles as she loves them a lot and wanted to make her feel special. (Before reading the message, have a look at meanings at the end). Message was:

Dear Avantika…

U r very an adroit n affable grl,
wth aesthetic mind. 🙂
Ur alacrity says all abt u.
No doubt u r an amiable person,
bt wn u r nt amenable it creates
bedlam n it becms a challenge to
allay u. 😉
You r a real savant of life…
You look too sweet wn u r angry or
in asinine mood. U r the one alwys
teemed wth fun n delight.
I feel u shd hav been ambidextrous
n little more arduous, as it wld gimme
a chance to relax wnevr u r wth me for my projects.
U r on of my best amorous n venerable
frnd ever. U r d most loveliest n
closest to my heart.
Lastly, i wnt to say tht plz don’t
abhor me 4 this biography of urs…  😉

~ Ankit ~

(Message Details)

Message sent to Avantika – 06:21:22pm 09-09-09
Message delivered.

I was sure to get a reply from her within 10 min. I anxiously waited for it. Meanwhile, rain stopped and it was all calm. The birds were silent too. Soon the cell vibrated….

Message from Avantika – 06:27:05pm 09-09-09
It was:

“Thnx…its nice…”

I smiled and replied.

“My pleasure 🙂 ”

Message sent to Avantika – 06:34:13pm 09-09-09

I was really excited after this. The sound of those two birds could be heard again. This time, I figured out what they were saying. They said, “Well Done !! God bless u and Avantika”….

09-09-09 truly proved to be a lucky and different, with adventitious things happening all over. Firstly, rarest rain…. supernatural things….God’s messages….special message to Avantika. Now, I ll wait for another rarest date in future but would be surely good in vocabulary by then….


Meanings from Flash Cards

Adroit– skilful and clever, dexterous
Aesthetic– showing good taste, artistic, creative
Affable-pleasant and easy to approach or talk to, friendly
Amorous– showing sexual desire and love, crazy, passionate
Arduous– laborious, onerous, strenuous
Ambidextrous– able to use both hands with equal ease
Allay– calm, pacify, alleviate, moderate
Amiable– having a pleasant and friendly disposition, cordial, social able
Amenable– easy to control, willing to be influenced, agreeable
Asinine– stupid or silly, idiotic
Alacrity– great willingness or enthusiasm, cheerfulness
Abhor– regard with disgust and hatred, hate, loathe
Bedlam– a scene full of disorder and noise, chaos
Savant– a learned person, guru
Teemed– packed
Venerable-deserving respect, august


Friends u too can invent your own ways to master difficult words (even crack CAT / GRE)….. Just use them with your likings or hobbies or interests or in sports or anything you like….even your loved ones… 🙂

Written By :- Ankit Gogia

(on 09-09-09)


If you find new ways…let me and other readers know too…

I also welcome your comments on this…n hope u spread this to others.


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The Mystery behind a ‘Proposal’

A mystery that traps each one of us….at some or other time.

But most of the time we don’t have an answer to it.... and it remains as an unsolved Puzzle.

Read on… and try to solve this mystery. Good Luck !!


“Proposal”….did it hit a chord??? I am so sure it definitely did. Come on you are teenagers now don’t tell me you’ve never proposed or been proposed…if you haven’t then I’d suggest you ‘grow up’…

Like thousands of words ‘propose/proposal’ too is an ordinary word, but the feeling that it brings is extraordinary. It’s often heard in context to love, marriages, business deals and what not. It has some kind of importance and mystery behind it which made me to think about it in a detailed manner. The word ‘propose(v)’ according to the oxford dictionary means

1.    Put forward an idea for consideration
2.    Nominate for a post
3.    Make an offer of marriage to someone

At first sight it might seem to be just simple. Here we would be dealing with it from the angle of love/today’s youth.

You all must be having a doubt in mind as to why I am telling you about this. It is important to understand it and the way of dealing with it. Much of my own sweet and bitter experiences and few of my friends helped me to look more into it.

It’s the story of all of us. It’s a story of all that has happened in our life or will happen at later a stage. But we will definitely face it atleast once. Here are some facts from the boy’s point of view.

To start with, whenever we like someone or are fascinated by love (sometimes infatuation), we decide to make a proposal to that special person. We think of various ways to propose ranging from meeting them, calling them….to sending those cards/gifts/roses. This reminds of a beautiful title track from the movie ‘Mera Phela Phela Pyar(MP3)’ which perfectly suits this situation.

Our heart pumps with higher pace and brain loaded with all types of tricky questions and answers. I wonder why this doesn’t happen in our exams or in classes when the teacher is teaching us.

Whenever we are ready for the proposal – a fight starts between our heart and brain. Our heart says – “You like her, you love her, she too loves you, you need her, tell her….ask her”.

But our brain says – “Wait a little, know her more……what if she says NO, what if she doesn’t talk, what if she even goes away from you”. We are in state of dilemma, totally confused.

As soon as our heart wants us ‘to propose her’, this fight begins creating the most mysterious situation in our life yet the most exciting one. During this transition all sorts of unusual things happen – such as not able to concentrate on work, sleepless nights, daydreaming, etc….. she seems to be everywhere.

But our brain is much smarter. It keeps poking our heart with different tricks. This fight only ends second after the proposal has been made. This is the time to wait for an answer. This is the time when excitement and anxiousness is at its peak.

As soon as we get the answer all previous thoughts come to an end.

If the proposal is accepted, the world is ours. We are the happiest one.

And if it gets rejected we get tears and sadness. We don’t wish to talk to anyone and try to seek more justifications for being rejected. Our mind is flooded with many questions and we hate ourselves for making the proposal. Again, this force me tell you a healing song “Tune Jo Na Kaha” from the movie New York.

After this, we are left with only two options.

First, Counter-Proposal (revised proposal) the term I learnt in Legal Issues meaning proposing with modifications in a different manner. We try our best to pursue our loved one.

Second, some magical or super natural thing happens. After few hours/days/months she calls back and feels sorry. She accepts the proposal giving all sorts of convincing reasons like – I was not sure at that time, wanted to be single, had a boyfriend…etc.

If both of these options fail, we totally feel broken many of us even cry if we really felt for them. We start hating the word “proposal” which once used to be our favourite and bring a tremendous smile on our face.

But most of us try to convince ourselves “There would be someone else waiting for me, I just need to look for her”, bringing back hope and excitement.

Here I feel that girls should know what it takes to propose. It is one of the most difficult tasks for boys. They should support us by understanding our feelings, the best way accepting it. 🙂

Sometimes I wonder why B.Tech CSE students, like me study Software Engineering, we should rather be taught Proposal Engineering which would be more practical analysing all the processes and risk, it would be a lot more interesting too.

I however still stand in doubt whether to propose her or not. What reply I will get if I propose her. What if she says no….or should I still enjoy the time with her and watch the smile on her face and decide it later.

As I had mentioned before it’s a struggle, and my heart and mind are on it…still struggling still wondering still anticipating her answer… its a hard choice to be made but i ll wait for my answer…’for my calling'(as they say in supernatural a t.v. serial)… and of course the right time… till then it’s a long wait….

Written By:- Ankit Gogia


I’ ll be waiting for your comments and answers to solve this mystery.

If you like it share it with your friends.


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Love vs Infatuation

Love vs Infatuation

Love vs Infatuation