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CWG 2010: The Last Lap

The Last Lap

10 Steps to save Commonwealth Games 2010

1. Most important, not to waste time by playing the blame game or seeking immediate responses and reports. This can be done after the games.

2. Private firms can provide support for quick wrap up of construction activities and to clean the city.

3. Holding labour and workers by giving them bonuses on the spot.

4. Creating awareness among people of Delhi and make them feel proud for hosting CWG.

5. Involvement of media, school children & NGo’s to guide people basic etiquettes and soft skills.

6. Involving people to keep city clean and highlight the culture & heritage.

7. Launch special campaigns for auto, taxi, bus drivers and shopkeepers to train them for welcoming visitors.

8. More and massive involvement of actors and sports person in CWG campaigns like Athi Devo Bhava.

9. Make country first, and politics later. Delhites have a much larger role to play, in all fronts. It’s the real time to show love for the country.

10. Let’s make CWG like the festival of Diwali or Christmas. It’s the time, let the celebrations begin 🙂