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Truth of a 9 Pointer

This happens in every college and university…

…irrespective of a branch or stream !!

The first thought that comes to our mind while talking about a ‘9 pointer’ is a studious student, always surrounded by books, books and books. He makes endless notes, tops every exam, one who is always properly dressed with a tidy tie and polished shoes, attends each and every class and sits on the first bench. They have endless queries and questions to ask. One who doesn’t like to play, dance or love…the description goes on. Often, 9 pointers are treated like extra-terrestrials who are here to conquer the earth and destroy the future of many.

Then, the question arises, ‘Who are they? What makes them special? Why are they like that? What do they eat? Why are we not like them?’

They are not aliens. They are just normal people like us who have feelings and emotions.  They belong to the same planet, live in the same century, and eat the same things. They grow in the same environment as we do, they might even be our neighbours. There is just a minute difference between us.

We always expect a ‘9 Pointer ‘ to be the first one to complete every work so that the ‘others’, who are busy in counter strike or AOE, playing basketball,  watching endless movies & seasons could copy their work at the last moment and earn as much marks. They are denied of their due credit. And then if they refuse to share their work, we are the ones to blame them for their unfriendly and rude behaviour.

A ‘9 Pointer’ also needs help and support of others. He/she is not a born genius nor has a brain embedded with high speed Intel processors. If they approach us for any problem, a majority of us say, ‘Are you crazy, 9 pointer tu hai…main nahi’. Others will say, ‘yaar, agar tujhse nahi hua toh mujhse kaise hoga?’ This way we ourselves create a bridge among 5 point someone and 9 point someone.

It’s not only us but teachers too who widen the gap, by giving them extra attention and expecting them to be the topper every time. Usually, the so called ‘9 Pointers’ are favourites in the hearts and minds of the teachers. Most of us feel that it’s due to their ability of buttering; getting the highest level of attention by going to faculty cabins and hypnotising teachers with their clever tactics, but reality is not what we feel or perceive. They are the favourites just because they are a little more obedient and hardworking than others, have little more creativity and mostly because they have memorised and scanned every single topic that the teacher has taught so far and have opinions to offer. Being consistent and disciplined is one of their plus points. So if they fail to answer a question in a viva or any discussions are they failures? I guess not, even the best computers crash, they do generate errors.

Often, we portray ‘9 Pointers’ as geeks, with spectacles who don’t have any X-factor. This might have been right few years back, but not today. Even ‘9 Pointers’ have their own style statement. They have ‘9-X Factor’, 9 times as compared to our X-Factor Though some of them might be little slow in grasping new trends, and they do walk with us. They do have real heart, which beats much faster when near a beautiful girl or a handsome boy. Who says, ‘Pyaar is Impossible’? Like most of us, they too have crushes and break ups. Remember 9 pointers are not nerds.

The main reason they(so called studious aliens) are termed as ‘9 Pointer’ is that God wanted someone to reach close to the perfect 10.0 so that digit ‘9’ is not left unused. Probably, I was among those lucky ones selected to experience it and reveal this real truth. Next one might be you…

Vartika Front Cover

Vartika-3 Front Cover

Dedicated to my sweetest friend…with love 🙂

Vartika Back Cover

Vartika-3 Back Cover

Dedicated to my sweetest friend… with love 🙂

A mess about ‘Mess’ ?

Separate mess for girls and boys…good or bad  ?

Join the debate...

A twist in our college life...what next to come ?

Education of west…with orthodox lifestyle ?

Everyday most notices keep coming and going….But today’s one was a special one. ‘Girls’ mess to be operational from 2 Nov, 2009′ bringing out smiles on many faces and disregard to what I call other many.

This surprise is known to be one of the biggest change in JIET. From a major section of girls across all the 4 years it is being termed as a ‘good move’ to which they had been anxiously waiting for…like satellite launching countdown.

However, why shouldn’t girls celebrate….after all they won’t have to get up early mornings, take the trouble of walking 300-400 mts, go back….especially in chilly mornings…they could have plenty of rest during lunch hours.

Like the Newton’s third law, to every happiness there is equal and opposite sadness…which truly prevails. Rather I should say a little more sadness for boys community. I think the reason is self-explanatory…need not to be told. 🙂 Though some boys would be much happier than girls….they are those who just want freedom from rules, want to go mess in shorts, chappals….

Lastly, the disheartened ones – those with girlfriends/boyfriends who have their breakfast to dinner together. I don’t know what next have they decided…

Whatever the reactions may be…the big questions is are we really getting irrational towards thoughts. Today, the world is moving… IITs and IIMs adopting new approches, having dormitories where girls and boys can go to each others’ hostels, study together, party together….and we here are moving anti-clockwise….

Every reaction has some questions and every discussion has some answers…so be part of this debate and express your point.

(Note: This is an unofficial discussion just for getting ideas and viewpoints from students)

Moderators : Ankit Gogia & Pratham Malik

Designs for Freshers Party


Designs for Freshers Party


Alumni ’09 Cover Page

Alumni '09 cover page

Alumni '09 cover page